Product use

Melt-blown nonwovens are mainly used for:

1. Filter material: space cotton, insulation material, oil absorption felt, smoke filter, tea bag, etc.

2. Medical and health materials: operating clothes, protective clothing, disinfectant cloth, masks, diapers, women's sanitary napkins, disposable sheets, bed covers, etc.;

3. Environmental protection materials: filter materials, insulating materials, cement packaging bags, geotextile, covering cloth, protective cloth for agricultural crops, seedling raising cloth, irrigation cloth, insulation curtain, etc.;

4. Clothing materials: lining, fusing lining, flocs, shaping cotton, various synthetic leather backing cloth, etc.;

5. Battery diaphragm material

6. Wipe the material

Among them, filtration materials are the most widely used, followed by medical and health materials, environmental protection materials, clothing materials, battery diaphragm materials and wiping materials.

melt-blown Nonwoven

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