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1. Spiny non-woven fabric USES water puncture to make the fibers flexible and entangled together, which will not damage the formation of the fibers, so it will not affect the specific softness of the fibers, so it is both strong and flexible.

2. It looks very close to the traditional textile.Unlike other fabrics made from nonwoven materials, it looks naturally softer.

3 because the strength of water thorn non-woven fabric is very high, wear resistance, and not easy to wool it in the manufacturing will not increase any adhesive, its strength and toughness all depends on the fiber, not more washing more weak.

4 Has a strong moisture absorption ability, can quickly absorb moisture into the fiber mesh permeability is also very good, can manufacture clothing, will not bring a sense of boredom.

5. The appearance design of spunlaced non-woven fabric is very rich, which can change many tricks and satisfy various aesthetic needs.

6. Long production process, large floor area, complex equipment, high water quality requirements, high energy consumption.


Cotton soft towel

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