The characteristics of ES hot air cotton.

After combing the web through the hot rolling type or hot air through type thermal bonding, low melting point components in fiber is formed on the intersection of melt adhesive and after cooling, the intersection of the fiber is still keeping the original state, this is a kind of spot bonding area rather than glue, in the form of product has the following characteristics:

1. Pure white, fluffy, soft feel, good elasticity, strong warmth retention, good moisture absorption.

2. Natural flame retardant fiber, and no droplet phenomenon.Permanent self-extinguishing effect.

3. Dense carbonation layer is formed during combustion.And low carbon dioxide content, only a small amount of non-toxic smoke

4. Stable acid and alkali resistance, no toxicity, no chemical action.The products can be naturally degraded and meet the requirements of environmental protection.

5. Disadvantages of hot air cotton: low strength, easy to deformation.

KN95 ES fiber (1)

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