• Spider Mesh

    Our spider meshes feel comfortable. The mesh of the mesh cloth itself makes the fabric breathable and comfortable. The mesh cloth has the characteristics of moisture wicking, anti-mildew, anti-bacteria, fire retardant and anti-UV. Its color fastness reaches level 4 or above. It is wear-resistant, durable and certified to national standards.
    Our factory adopts various kinds of cotton, polyester, spandex, T / C and other chemical fiber materials of different thickness specifications, and can produce different widths, different colors, different elasticity, different hardness and hardness, and can be additionally coated under the customer's choice. Layer, fatliquoring, waterproof, flame retardant and other functions. In addition, the factory also professionally plays (cloth) samples, and can develop related products, and design knitted fabrics that meet customer needs.
    This spider mesh can be used to make flower packaging materials and decorative materials. Its hollowed out nature makes the flowers inside clear at a glance. Its various colors, with other kinds of fabrics can form a beautiful table flag, tablecloths and other decorations to provide beauty for your home.
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